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Nearly 90% of people who work daily in sedentary occupations, know it from personal experience: back pain, neck tension with frequent episodes of headaches, migraines, poor concentration, etc. The cause is often wrong or bad Seating positions.

Here, the Ergo-Tex back support can help to find a significant improvement.

The Ergo-Tex back support consists of a special spring-framework which automatically adapts to your back and gives you exactly the Support which is needed by your back to have and ergonomically position to work.

Relieving back tension means preventing backages


The micro fiber cover of the frame give the Ergo-Tex back support very high quality look and give you also a very pleasant sitting experience.

The breathable mesh cover will improve the air circulation and prevents even at hot summer days the prior to transpiration.

Ergo-Tex fits on almost any office chair as well as normal chairs and is ideal for long Rides in the car. Simply place them in the back and fix it with the elastic strap.

Everyone can help to prevent bridges for its healthyness! It is not necessary to change the

complete Chair, which is even impossible in many companies. Through the assembly of Ergo-Tex you will sit anatomically correct.

You are responsible, do not wait for others to help you because it is your body and wellbeing

10 Benefits of Ergo-Tex:

Improves sitting posture
Relieves your neck and back
Prevents muscle tension
Prevents backaches
Helps prevent shoulder-/neck pain
Can help prevent tension headaches
Ideal seating environment - cooling in summer
Just to take away from chair to chair
Fits almost any chair / office-chair / car seat / etc.
Premium Quality - particularly long-lived

Suitable for:

Office, workshop/production, Cashiers, school,Study, recreation, reading, Television, sewing, knitting, Handicrafts, home, Car, bus, taxi, truck, and much more.

Ergo-Tex can increase your well-being at almost every  sitting Activity.


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