Bamboo-Pillow - 80x40cm

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Bamboo is a true wonder plant with a special tradition in Asia and Australia. It grows even low nutrient  ground  and binds it about twice as much CO2 as wood. Due to their extreme growth (up to 1m per day) it strengthens soil and binds water. The special fibers are particularly stable and durable, while yet extremely flexible and
cuddly. Many experts consider bamboo the miracle plant of the 21st century! And the problem solver of many future issues such as climate change, water storage, lack of raw materials and more.

The cover of the "Original bamboo Feeling" -Pillows is a 40% bamboo fabric. Enjoy this unique bamboo feeling! The cushion is not only very cuddly and cosy but changing  temperatures, pleasantly cool in summer and moisture regulating. Prevents sweating in the neck / head.
The bamboo is naturally cosy and washable. Additional covers are sold separately.

The filling of the "Original Bamboo Feeling" -Pillow consists of a novel, fine mixture of thermoelastic memory foam for perfect adaptation and firmer Supporting foams. Shoulder / neck / head interface are further supported by ideal to give you a pleasant, relaxing sleep.

Ideal for shoulder / neck tension, migraine, snoring, sleeping problems and more. As the only cushion our "Original bamboo Feeling" pillows has a zipper so you can, at any time, remove or replenish filler.
All cushions are filled with 30% extra charge! Please refer before first use a larger amount of fill and retain for later refill. So you can customize your pillow to your ideal sleeping needs.

ATTENTION: "The Original Bamboo Feeling" cushions are made of 100% high quality new materials - lots of pillows, from cheap, often polluted "recycled materials". - Always have a look at the actual inner workings / filling! (Many try to hide this dirty fact and sew no zipper in the inner cushion.)

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