Kuschel-Maxx - Owls

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Microgranulat pillow • Tube approx 17x33cm • High-quality nylon spandex fab 6+2 Free • Cheap and fast shipping across Europe

The Kuschel-Maxx pillow is made of super-flexible nylon spandex fabric and filled with extra-fine micro-beads. It adapts to any desired shape is maintained during the application (load), its shape and takes after its original shape. Kuschel-Maxx is non-toxic, washable and durable. It's super easy for travel, and a unique cozy feeling.

The ideal companion for travel, car, bus, train, plane, hotel, reading, watching TV, sports, office, school, children, seniors, stadium, garden, swimming, sauna, solarium, Travel, Wellness, Fitness, Camping, RV, Boot ...


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