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Kuschel-Maxx - Orthopedic Pillow  • 3-unit special shape - approx 60x40cm  • Units support the head / neck perfectly in any position  • Suitable for abdomen, side and back sleepers  • For washable pillows, including filling at 30 degrees  • Oeko-Tex verified Quality - 100% free of toxic materials  • Microgranulat will not clump, it is completely by flowed air  • Temperature Balancing not a cold foam, against sweating  • Choose your own Strength by turning the pillow - hard or soft

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A majority of people complaining of tension in the neck-shoulder region and their consequences, such as tension headaches, stress, concentration problems, etc.. We usually look for the reasons in our "bad" habits such as computer workstations, one-sided load, etc. too much work. We forget that our body regenerates itself very well, you just have to give him the chance.

Often, a regenerative sleep at all possible because the neck is not a wrong pillow Having enough, the neck muscles cannot relax at all.

The Kuschel-Maxx Pillow is filled with more than 600,000 micro beads. They adapt your posture always perfectly, there is neither too high nor too low. The Microgranulat distributes perfectly under your neck and gives a unique support.

Please do not confuse Kuschel-Maxx does not use traditional neck support pillow, foam from various materials that adapt although initially good, but then allow no change in sleep position more.

Kuschel-Maxx Microgranulat is not a rigid mass, but fits in seconds, re-active to any sleeping position, no matter how you want to sleep.

  •     Supports the head / neck perfectly in any position
  •      Suitable for abdomen, side and back sleepers
  •      Including pillow stuffing at 30 ° washable
  •      Oeko-Tex certified quality - 100% free of contaminants
  •      Micro granules will not clump, the continuous flow of air
  •      Temperature compensation - no cold all foam, no sweat!
  •      Strength by turning choice - hard or soft

Eight hours per day or one third of our lives we spend in bed. Just sleep is the most important prerequisite for a powerful new day.

Sleep problems often come from the wrong pillow. So before you exchange all your bed, mattresses, bed bases, etc., it is advisable to exchange the pillow first. Often this is sufficient already to improve your sleep significantly.


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