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"Vitalymed Royal Plus" is the premium model from Invitalis. Elegant design, high quality materials and technical perfection.

The massage heads have been developed in collaboration with therapists and masseurs for a particularly gentle and relaxing massage.

Choose comfortably on the remote control between an intensive Shiatsu massage or the particularly gentle rolling massage. Three different programs can be selected for both massage techniques. In addition, the massage direction can be selected for the Schiatsumassage and the ball spacing can be adjusted for the Roll Massage, which means that the massage can be perfectly adapted to your back.

The Schiatsu point massage is particularly popular, with which you can precisely align the massage heads and massage tension precisely. The integrated infrared deep heat complements the massage perfectly and can be switched separately.

In the seating area you can switch on a pleasant vibration vibration massage for calves / thighs.

High-quality details such as the removable additional padding, a storage bag for the remote control, the 12V car adapter, a rear fastening belt for the armrest, removable seat part, etc. perfect the "Vitalymed Royal Plus".

Shiatsu massage is one of the traditional massage techniques. Well performed, you can use it to massage each muscle area in a particularly precise and targeted manner.

It helps to relax tense muscles, stimulate blood circulation and oxygen supply and supports relaxation in a unique way for more well-being and performance

Control panel functions

Main switch:
Use this button to switch the massage mat on or off.

With this button you switch the infrared deep heat in the massage balls
on or off.

Shiatsu massage programs:
Full = whole back
Top = upper back / neck
Bottom = lower back / lumbar vertebra

Roll massage programs:
Full = whole back
Top = upper back / neck
Bottom = lower back / lumbar vertebra

Width = width adjustment of the massage balls in roller massage mode

Vibration massage:
You can use this button to switch the vibration massage on or off in the seating area.

Point massage program:
As soon as you press one of the arrows you start the precise massage.
The up and down movement of the massage heads is stopped and the shiastu massage takes place at one point.
You can use the arrow keys to move the massage ball to exactly the point on your body where you need the massage.

With the Direction button you can change the direction of rotation of the massage balls. Stimulating or relaxing.


Shiatsu kneading massage, two types of massage - shiatsu massage / roller massage
Width adjustment
Massage direction changeable
Six automatic programs
Special point massage
Vibrating swing massage in the seating area
Infrared deep heat - on or off
Device for easy use without outside help
For at home, car, truck, camping, etc.


Massager Vitalymed Royal Plus
Leatherette black
110-230V universal power adapter - For at home or when traveling
12V car adapter for on the go
Detailed instruction manual
5 year guarantee

Technical specifications

110-230V / 50 Hz, 50 W.
Power cord length 3.00m
Weight only about 3.50 kg, particularly convenient


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